About the Repository

The CEEAMSprints repository is envisioned as an academic mission-research database and intends to:

  • collect and make available online scholarly resources relevant to mission and mission related studies on and from the region of Central Eastern Europe
  • increase visibility of contextually relevant mission research in and about this region, that often doesn’t appear in major indexed English-language theological and mission journals
  • encourage and foster collaboration between and mutual research projects of mission researchers in the region and beyond
  • support beginning researchers by providing information on and access to original research studies, such as Master and doctoral theses and dissertations
  • support mission centers and theological training institutions in missiology study and research
  • Mission and mission related studies are understood in a broad sense. Unique is the emphasis on ‘grey’ materials contextually relevant to Central and Eastern Europe. These materials have not received much prominence in major electronic databases and so are often out of reach for those interested in studying this field.

    Contact Information

    Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to ceeamsprints@ceeams.org.