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Noble, Ivana (2019) Contemporary Religiosity and the Absence of Solidarity with Those in Need. Journal of Nationalism, Memory & Language Politics, 13 (2). pp. 1-15.

Noble, Ivana and Noble, Tim (2016) The Starets-Disciple Relationship According to Mother Maria Gysi. Baptistic Theologies, 7:2. pp. 88-100.

Noble, Ivana and Noble, Tim (2013) Orthodox Theology in Western Europe in the 20th Century. European History Online (EGO), 07 (04).

Noble, Ivana (2009) Konverze v náboţensky pluralitní společnosti [Conversion in a religiously plural society]. Misiologické info, 5-6. 3-4-23.

Noble, Ivana and Vaňáč, Martin (2006) Ekumenická teologie na přelomu 20. a 21. století [Ecumenical theology at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries]. Teologická reflexe, 1. pp. 5-26.

Noble, Ivana (2003) Duchovní situace v ČR: výzvy, trendy a nová duchovní orientace [Spiritual Situation in the Czech Republic: Challenges, Trends and New Spiritual Orientation]. Křesťanská revue, 70, 6. pp. 151-158.

Dolejšová, Ivana and Noble, Ivana (1998) Aplikace hermeneutické, fenomenologické a epistemologické metody v současné ekumenické teologii [An Application of phenomenological, hermeneutical and epistemological methods to contemporary ecumenical theology]. Teologická reflexe, 2 (1). pp. 138-146.

Book Section

Noble, Ivana and Noble, Tim (2013) A non–synthetic dialectics between the Christian East and West: A starting point for renewed communication. In: Kommunikation ist Möglich. Theologische, ökumenische und interreligiöse Lernprozesse. Festschrift für Bernd Jochen Hilberath. Matthias Grünewald Verlag, Ostfildern, pp. 273-281.


Noble, Ivana and Noble, Tim and Bauerová, Kateřina and Parushev, Parush R. (2016) Mnohohlas pravoslavné teologie ve 20. století na Západě [The polyphony of Orthodox theology in the 20th century in the West]. Brno: CDK. ISBN 978-80-7325-403-2

Parushev, Parush R. and Noble, Tim and Noble, Ivana and Bauerová, Kateřina (2015) Wrestling with the Mind of the Fathers in (Post-)modern Orthodox Theology. SVS Press, Yonkers, New York.

Parushev, Parush R. and Noble, Tim and Bauerová, Kateřina and Noble, Ivana (2012) Cesty pravoslavné teologie ve 20. století na Západ [The Ways of Orthodox Theology in the West in the Twentieth Century]. Centrum pro studium democracie a kultury.

Noble, Ivana (2010) Theological Interpretation of Culture in Post-Communist Context: Central and East European Search for the Roots. Farnham: Ashgate.

Noble, Ivana and Hilberath, Jochen and Brinkman, Martien E. (2006) Charting Churches in a Changing Europe: Charta Oecumenica and the Process of Ecumenical Encounter. Rodopi, Amsterdam – New York. ISBN 9789042020092


Noble, Ivana (2001) Account of Hope: A Problem of Method in Postmodern Apologia. Doctoral thesis, Hussite Theological Faculty.

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